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Ring Gears

From: Hank Dozier
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Date: March 22, 2003


Brad....The early MOPARs had two different ring gears tooth counts. Up through 1956, the tooth count was 146. In 1957, it was changed to 172. This was done so that the big, higher compression engines would turn over better at cold temperatures (read - 392s). Supposedlly POWERMASTER makes a new replacement starter for the old engines. But there is an issue here. I contacted them since they said it fits 1951 through 1957 hemis. Hmmmmm.....I told them the info I just posted above, and the tech guy stated again they fit both gear patterns! So I have NO idea what ring gears they fit, as this is NOT possible (may late MOPAR 130 tooth?) You might try seeing if you can fit the Bendix drive off the Plymouth starter to the Chrysler you have. If it won't transfer, you will have to find a 1957-58 specific 392 starter (or 1957-59 TRUCK unit for 354). Those will work for sure.


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