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Re: Fishin' for the big tuna

From: Joe Mac
Remote Name:
Date: March 15, 2003


One thing's for sure, he's not trying to sell the car to anyone who reads these posts. I can't blame him for riding the wave of collectible fever going on. The target here is a guy who needs to make an investment and gets all giddy when the words hemi and rare are used in the same sentence. It's a beatiful car and the finest Dodge produced in '57 (if this is an authentic, loaded, CR D500 ragtop) but it sounds and looks like some corners were cut. "Tested" wiring harness (no way), where's the exhaust deflectors? Hell, I'd want the correct muffler hangers for my money. If you guys follow the auction results lately you'll agree this car is a sign of the times.


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