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Did Sirhan Sirhan really drive a 55 Desoto?

From: chrycopsycho
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Date: March 14, 2003


I know this is an odd question but please bear with me as it is forward look related. There is an old school autowrecker located several hours south of me. It's owned and operated by a colorful character in his 60's whose sales technique involves several hours of you listening to his amassed knowledge of early automotive.He would be as happy telling you to %@#@@ off as sell you a part.He has an amazing collection of cars pre 60. Anyway I've been chomping at the bit to win this fellows trust and get at the good stuff that I know that he has on site. Whenever i mention if he has or knows of 55-56 desoto parts he is quick to reply matter of factly "Desoto, Did you know that Sirhan Sirhan drove a 55 Desoto". From his tone I can tell that he doesn't like desotos for this very reason. The conversation kind of ends there and we inevitably start talking about dodges,plymouths and chryslers extensively. I know my history quite well so i don't need to know about the pivotal role sirhan sirhan played as a kennedy assassin. I want to know if this is true,and if it is what body style and model was it so I can impress this fellow. There are several cars and parts i desperately want out of his yard. I feel that this is his version of a riddle from greek mythology.Help me in my quest and I'll return the favor!


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