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I second that motion!

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: March 12, 2003


THIS site is why I bought a PC in the year 2000! I would have given my left (choose body part here) to have had a site like this in 1982 when I had my 1st '61 Plymouth! It's never bothered me to post two dozen times about the V8 crank flange change in 1962 (this one ALWAYS gets the 'newbies'!) because we have this site to educate people so they don't HAVE to learn things the 'hard way' like I did twenty-some years ago. And it really makes me steamed that a couple of whiners accuse Dave of 'fraud' about the calendars. He is doing this site on his own time and as a service to all of us. It is not like he has a staff of people at his beck and call to make absolutely sure that the calendars hit the mailboxes by Jan. 1st! He has to get enough orders to justify doing the run of calendars, but apparently the whiners could not be bothered to read his statement about this on this website. (or figure out that it might even take past Jan. 1st to get enough orders!). Forward is NOT a big business but a labor of love for our 'finned friends', and as such things do not happen at 'business speed' all the time. The complainers are the same type of people that if you came over on your own time and fixed their car for FREE, they'd say you weren't doing it fast enough! (and this has happened a couple of times to me!) Dave, if you want me to put in a good word for you at Paypal, I would be GLAD to!


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