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Need some Finned help!

From: Clay Wood
Remote Name:
Date: March 11, 2003


Hello all! I have recently been laid off and as such, have decided to open my own business (actually, it's been a dream of mine to operate my own biz that was somehow directly related to old MoPars!), and the first thing I am releasing is t-shirts. Being a Finned-MoPar owner myself, I know how impossible it is to find ANY shirts out there with MoPar Fins on them. Now, what I am asking is, what would you, the enthusiasts, like to see on some shirts? I have a couple ideas running around in my head right now, but nothing concrete. Also, for anyone who has an idea that we use, I will gladly offer 2 free shirts, any size, with you design idea on it! Also, we offer FREE SHIPPING so any price you see at our site, as long as you reside in the US, shipping is on us. For other areas, we will charge a small fee, but NOTHING like you would for normal shipping. Take a minute and check out little business out at We are striving to be the best MoPar only collectibles and wearables place, but have a lot of ground to make up. Keep watching the site to, as I update almost daily with new shirts, cars, etc. So, if you want 2 free shirts with a design you have been thinking about, but never had printed, pass it on! We will wrap the world in it! Take care and have fun and keep them Fins ALIVE!! Clay Wood 1961 DeSoto 1958 Plymouth 1957 DeSoto


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