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Overdrive behind the Hemi...

From: Dana
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Date: March 08, 2003


Jay (a new friend met here through this forum) is bringing my 241 Hemi up here tomorrow. He pulled this from a '54 Dodge four door with three speed on the column and an overdrive unit (factory? outside company?). I gotta' tell 'ya this is baffling to me and I know I have to get a lot of manuals, but thought I'd ask all of you at this site. It might be going in my '53 Dodge M-37 and make a real nice mud-buggy! When people re-power these older four wheel drives, to much power and the old gears can't take it, but the little 241 might just be the answer to more power without overdoing it. It originaly had the 230 flathead with four speed. Can I put the overdrive on the four speed? I know I have to get it here first and do a lot, a LOT! of measuring and figuring, but I'd love to be able to use the hemi and overdrive with the original four speed, but the three speed with the overdrive would work too. I visit the M-37 and Power Wagon forums, but all my hemi stuff and manuals left years ago when I got out of collecting DeSotos. Any advice/knowledge/experience/suggestions are GREATLY appreciated!! Thanks Gang! Dana


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