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59 Saratoga soon to be parted or sol as whole

From: Rich
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Date: March 06, 2003


After getting some pictures of body attachment to frame (thanks again Lasse) and a very tough decision it is time for another forward look car to possably disappear. There is not to much original metal around the front body support I believe to hold the car together. This car had been stored in a barn for several years before I bought it. I would like to sell the car whole , as is, currently the trunk is taken out, rear bumpers off, and obviously the gas tank and filler tube. The plus side is it has a brand new set of 800-14 tires and the interior is in excellent shape. The door skins were remade a few years ago, red on red with all the original pieces reused. The seats have been redone, radio works as well as the clock. The trans was rebuilt around 8 years ago but still has that infamous blow out thru the filler tube. I had a compression test on the engine 5 years ago and everything was okay (don't remember exact pressure). Chrome is all there, but most needs to be rechromed. I am looking to sell the car as awhole because I don't want to ebay everything, alot parts have come up lately that this car has and if someone bought this whole they could save alot cash. If it wasn't for the suports being gone the car would be near #3. I am looking to get 2,000(?) for the car considering the interior is in mint condition and the tires are brand new and all the extra hard to find parts on the car, anyone interested please email or post something. All proceeds from this car will benefit a 58 Savoy. Thanks Rich.


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