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forwawdrlook find of my life.

From: brandon
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Date: March 06, 2003


i have found a place out near my house where there are a ton of old cars, this old black man and his son have been collecting junk for the past 50 years. They are now cutting up and selling. there are car tops and fenders adn hoods everywhere where he has cut up cars and hauled them to scrap. There are, among many other cars, 16 57-8 plymouths there. he just wants his junk price for them, i know a guy that got a 54 cehvrolet sedan delivery from teh guy, good chrome, complete 6 cyl car, no rust that wasnt fixable, etc. for 150 dollars. scrap price. anyway the plymouths, there are 16. several 4 doors, a couple wagons, 2 2 dr hardtops, and 2 convertibles. there are numerous other chryslers there including 3 57 chryslers, 2 have 392 hemis in them, and there are 3 other hemis out laying on the ground. 1 was no good, other may be savable, they were also bought by a friend of mine. Anyway, i will keep you updated when i find out more. Just had to let someone in on this...


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