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Re: Another Thought

From: Clyde
Remote Name:
Date: February 12, 2003


Bob O THANKS FOR YOUR WORDS of incouragement. I am not about to give up, i know there are some hoses or materials to make them up Out there somewhere. To answer your question about my location, I live in East Texas near where the Space shuttle crashed. Not close enough to be involved in the recovery. But close enough that we heard the sonic boom, and felt the house shake. The closest parts I have heard of are about 30 miles away. Yes I would say this Is an agricultural aerea. Cattle ranching, peatch farming, forestry, Truck farming and ect.I have tried most of the local Dyh.hose places and they don't have what I need. They only keep what they think that they can sell. If they can get what I need i guess they dont want to be bothered. There are some larger hose shops in Longview, about 25 miles away. I haven't checked there yet. I did get some hose made for my back hoe there. Bob O don't You have a Swepside Pickup? Can I Email you I have some Questions? Thanks For the help Clyde


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