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Power Brake Upgrade re: 57 Desoto Firedome

From: Herman Parker
Remote Name:
Date: February 07, 2003
Time: 13:38:07


I want to upgrade to front disc brakes on the Firedome, but wanted to keep the original brake booster (non bellows type). I will also upgrade to dual master cylinder and therein lies the problem. I had the idea to send the booster to Karp Brakes in California, have them rebuild it, add a Mopar late model master cylinder, fab the rod from the booster to the master cylinder, adjust everything and send it to me, ready to bolt on. Unfortunately, they declined. They are prepared to rebuild the booster, but don't get into upgrades like I want. Would I be better off to use a later model booster with matching master cylinder? Has anyone done this and if so, what parts did you use? Thanks, Herman


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