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Re: love for Christine?

From: Jimmy
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Date: February 06, 2003
Time: 12:41:21


Regardless of the what I think of the movie "Christine", I am glad about its practical impact on the market of '58 Plymouths out there. Because demand suddenly increased as a result of the '58 highlighted in the movie, a lot of these cars were saved from salvage and junk. If it takes a movie to do that, then so be it. Of course, there will always be a period immediately following release of a popular movie like this where the car is the "star" that prices are absolutely sky high, but those prices eventually inch downward and the market is left with a lot of cars that suddenly are "discovered" by folks who were never even familiar with the vehicle model to start with. (In other words, Forwardlook gains new blood!) I think the movie saved a bunch of cars for another generation to enjoy. Kudos to Hollywood and Stephen King!


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