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Yours could be a 741,as it's an open rear end

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: February 06, 2003
Time: 02:15:13


Yes I know 741's and 742's are concurrent for our cars, but since I don't know your ring + pinion size in your Plymouth and it's an open diff it could very well be a 741. At least this would not be a true horror story like my uncle's '64 Dart convertible with a "273 Charger" high-performance V8, A-833 four-speed (with a 3.09 first gear in this application) and (you guessed it) a spindly 7" rear end! He went through THREE third members under warranty, and finally got sick of it and had an 8" narrowed for it! The 741 8" rear is a pillar of strength compared to the horrid 7....


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