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love for Christine?

From: Carl Goodman
Remote Name:
Date: February 05, 2003
Time: 12:53:14


Hey guys, yesterday i was sitting comfortable in my living room watching Christine (DVD) and i realised how much i loved her! I mean really, really loved her!!!!! And i started wondering if anyone out there really loves her too? Does anyone? Would you give up everything for her? EVERYTHING!!!! iF I HAD TO... I WOULD. When i say 'if i had to', that's because i'm in a band that i adore and i'm working real hard to make us become the best we can be. If someone told me to give up my band for Christine now, i would say no because hopefully the band will be succesful and make me money for Christine. By the way, thats not reason i'm in the band. I love to sing! Well guys, stay loose! Carl (Arnie) do you really love her?


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