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Say It Isn't So!

From: Kenny J.
Remote Name:
Date: February 04, 2003
Time: 02:38:10


Say it isn't so, Erik! I never thought the day would come when a man from Western Canada would be as whipped as we Yanks are! ;-) Seriously, now that's out in the open, maybe you can work something out. Make one of the cars a family project. If she's not a hands on person when it comes to stuff like that, see if she'll be the project manager. My wife has surprised me more than once during parts hunts, catalog searches, etc. I once knew a woman who lived in Elko, Nevada who loved Forward Look cars. I lost touch with her some years ago. She worked for the government and transferred to California. She had several Forward Look De Sotos and an early '70s 440 "C" or "D" body for her daily driver. Her boyfriend didn't appear to be the least bit intimidated by her ability and knowledge. But if your wife isn't a "car person", as I noted before, there should be something she can help you with that would make some of the restoration work be "quality couple time." Just a thought....One more thing, it could be worse. I heard about a guy (via a radio talk show) whose wife found thirty five folders of, uh, "eighteen and older" material on there computer while cleaning up the hard drive. I believe he could use one of your kits right about now! :-)


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