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who sold Desoto's in your town??

From: Lee
Remote Name:
Date: February 02, 2003
Time: 20:05:24


many years ago I started writting down where old Desoto dealerships were known to be located. I had about 600 listings in the book before I entered them into the computer. since then a number of other members of the National Desoto Club have helped bump up those numbers to near 3000 entries. I also got lucky and found a 1955 regional sales reps listing that showed every direct dealer in the states. I have used this information to locate lots of parts for my cars and have even made phone calls to other states that resulted in finding parts, cars and memorabilia. But finding stuff in iowa was much easier to do as it will be in your back yard. even in areas where the dealership had been gone for a long time as many people brought stuff home. It took a while to do but a freind of mine found a way to convert this huge amount of information to a easily usable format for the web. now it is your turn! take a look at your state and start making phone calls and short trips. find out what is hiding out there before it gets thrown away (have seen this happen many time) because no one thinks there is any interest in that old stuff. here is a link to my new dealer listing page the last column on the right is just an internal code for where the information was found. remember two things when you start looking 1. even though they sold desotos they also sold plymouths 2. if you don't need something you find maybee someone eles does. and if you find anything really nice i will give you my address to send a present to. use my tips page for hints on tracking stuff


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