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New product development-Marital stress shelter!

From: erik aase
Remote Name:
Date: February 02, 2003
Time: 17:14:28


Thanks to hank,al and everyone else for their sincere input. All this talk has got me to thinking. Maybe it would be good to develop,package and promote a self contained MSS aimed at forlorn husbands. This package would be a 6'x 9' pre fabbed building that could be easily purchased and setup in 2-3 hours. Standard features would be as follows: sound proofed walls, eaZ-e clean interior, penthouse pet wallpaper, laze boy chair and fold down cot. Customers could customize their MSS with the following options:air conditioning?heater,satellite dish,multimedia center,mini bar fridge,retina scan door lock et al.I would market this item as the "peacekeeper hut".It would be sold at walmarts and costcos in order to keep costs down and to make it widely available.I figure a base "peacekeeper" should retail for about $895. Anyone want to help prototype this.It's got mass market appeal.


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