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I have a lot of information

From: Lee
Remote Name:
Date: February 02, 2003
Time: 15:22:21


I may be able to help you with some of your questions regarding the 1956 dodge D500 and D500-1 high performance option. I have in my collection several confidential price bulletins from Chrysler corporation that tell the dealers what to order when they want the D500 package and the dual carburetor version of the D500 package. I would normally scan and host the images on my website but we are talking about many pages of information. The earliest one I have is bulletin J10 dated December 22, 1955 and its supplement dated January 12, 1956 is the first to mention the dual quads but does not give the part number for the air cleaner. The very next day January 13 there was another supplement making corrections. Then there is another supplement to J10 dated March 14, 1956 that calls for yet another camshaft different from the previous 2 and a couple more gear ratios (4.56 and 5.83) to fit the 8 rear end and high compression (10 to 1) heads and valves. There is no mention that these parts were sent out in the trunks but it looks like the dealer could order the needed parts to make the changes themselves. Or they could order the option factory installed. If you want copies send me a SASE and I will make them for you. I also have a lot of other 56 information including La Feeme option code. here is one of the sheets I have left the image large so that it can be read


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