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Re: Dodge 1955 sierra - engine question - How to Identify/Substit...

From: anders
Remote Name:
Date: January 23, 2003
Time: 11:48:15


Thank a bunch for sharing me your knowledge. It helps, as I am new on Mopars -50s. I saw this car at my friends lot and fell immiediately in love. Mopar got a lot of "strange", as I see it, technical inovations around the 50s, compare to GMs as I am use to. The crank info you shared, helps me identify a donar car/engine at my Mopar source over here. The info I found says Plymouth -55-56 buildt outside Detroit had a Dodge engine/cranc (p-27) but change that when they made a clone with longer cranc. (Could that be p-29?) Plymouths are more common over here, and most of the cars that were sold new in sweden is buildt outside Detroit. Then I have more option to find the right cranc. /Thanks


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