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Intersting hearse & posting photos

From: Dave Lisiecki
Remote Name:
Date: January 20, 2003
Time: 21:15:05


That's a very interesting hearse (or ambulance or combo)! I have a '60 combo and I have a friend with a '60 and '61, and have another friend with a '62. I've seen another '61 as well. ALL the ones I've seen where built by the obscure coachbuilder Richard Brothers. They were all built from the wagon body, with the only body change a slightly raised roofline. The '61 Chrysler wagons used '60 taillights, so this one must have been built from a four-door, like the Memphis coach company liked to do. This has a bigegr, boxier roof, too. Never seen a '60-'62 like this one. Thanks for posting the photo, it's very interesting. <p> <p> By the way, to post a photo: <p> 1.) The hard part for some of us - find a website - either your own, a website of a photohosting site, or a friend's site. First it must have a "place" to live, not just in your computer. Then the photo will have an actual address. (Right-click and click properties on any website photo and you will see the website address that is source of that photo). <p> 3.) THEN you simply use one of the special sequences of "code" words and characters before and after the string of characters. You do this to add color, add photos, make paragraphs, etc. An example is: <p> <IMG SRC=> , where <IMG SRC= in front, and > after the jpg "tells" the computer to look there for the image. <p> For example, if I don't totally screw this up (very likely I did), the photo above has the address of (Go ahead - look!) <p> By adding the code before "<IMG SRC=" before and ">" after, you get: <p> <IMG SRC=> I hope I didn't totally mess this up.


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