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OK, well, the answer to THIS I know, at least!

From: Bob O.
Remote Name:
Date: January 19, 2003
Time: 22:25:43


Carter were picked up by Federal Mogul....... and Carter carbs are apparently still made (there's a Carter page on the FM site, 'tho it's not much use). But Federal Mogul also apparently make...... you guessed it, Edelbrock. And Weber, and probably most other carbs in the world. (It's all part of a new world order). But thanks for the tip that Edelbrock jets work, 'cos the Edelbrock web site says different, but then they're trying to maintain a marketing mystique by making Carters still but pretending they're something new, at least I guess that's the way they do it. Like when John DeLorean was in charge at Ford dreaming up one night (literally) the idea of a Thunderbird with a Rolls Royce grill: call it a Continental and for a few hundred extra bucks in manufacturing costs you can charge the public nearly double for the same basic automobile. Marketing mystique.


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