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Re: Pretty "with it" for a young pup!

From: ForwardLook Frank
Remote Name:
Date: January 15, 2003
Time: 20:13:33


Hey Hank, Thank you Sir! Yes, it was me who talked with you on the radios awhile back. I appreciate the kind words. I have alot of repect for you and the "older" listmembers. You guys really have it together too. I can't count the number of times I've seen a post by you and thought, "man this guy really knows his stuff". Radios/electical/electronics (including Mirror-Matics and Auto headlamp dimmers) are my specialty as well as the Hi-Fi's and record changers. The Forward Look has been my life for over eight years now. I spend alot of time reading musty old parts books, service manuals, interchange manuals, and schematics/diagrams to try and catch up to the knowledge you guys have. Glad we're all here working on this stuff together. Hey if you get a chance to talk to Lee, tell him I hope there's no hard feelings. Just got a little to eager to jump the gun from what I'm used get 'round here. One great thing about this list is that when I went to Carlisle last year and met alot of the listmembers, they didn't seem to care about my young age. They were expecting a much older guy (early 50's or so) but no one seemed to care that I was 22 at the time. As a matter of fact I felt down right respected and welcomed unlike other clubs I've seen. Great to be a member of this list. Also Dave (with the '61 NewPort) if you're listening, drop me a line and we'll shoot the breezd sometime. Good Luck with your car. Great talking with you Hank. Hope to shoot the breeze again soon. Take Care-Frank


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