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"Young Blood"

From: Geoff Klein
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Date: January 15, 2003
Time: 01:00:19


I agree with Fowardlook Frank. Their is a lot more class with older cars than newer ones. The fifties were the pinnical of automotive style. With fins reaching into the sky. The Forward Look cars had the best looking fins of the era. I'm 27 and I'm the only guy in my car club that doesn't want a muscle car. Muscle cars are cool but they are mostly what you see at car shows. They are also getting too expensive. Forward Look cars are rare in the rust belt. I may only see 5 to 10 all summer. If I see one at a car show I usually go back a couple time to look at it. After I get my money pit of a house under control I plan on filling my garage with a Desoto. Until then I am researching and learning.


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