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Re: Where to hook cherry picker chains

From: Kenny J.
Remote Name:
Date: January 13, 2003
Time: 22:40:22


I have pulled and installed flat head sixes several times over the last fifteen years. I loop the chain around the front of exhaust manifold and use a bolt, washers and nut to attach the end of the chain to a link further up. I attach the other end to a bolt in a bell housing hole on the driver's side. If this is a stick car, install the water pump after the engine is in, or you'll have clearance troubles if both the transmission and radiator core support are in place. I was always worried about breaking or cracking the front portion of the exhaust manifold, but several old time mechanics have shown me this way and I have never hurt anything doing it like this. Get some of that plastic sleeving for a bicycle lock chain and slip some over the ends near the block to protect the paint.


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