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Re: all the best to you and yours

From: alumcan
Remote Name:
Date: January 13, 2003
Time: 10:59:19


Thank you! I need ALL the encourgament/help/suggestions I can get! The same to you on your 'Adventures' Wish I had forty grand. Oh well, wish in one hand, shit in the other,,,,,,. Isn't the Adventurers/Letter Cars/D501's/Furys/Sport Furys the 'pinnical' of fined MoPars? If you're getting rid of an Adventurer to step up to another DeS. The ONLY thing that is above them are the factory dream cars. Wait an minute,,,,,I know,,, what did you do, go sneak out and get that 'Norseman' off the Andrea Doria, that was talked about down in the archives?


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