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Gas tanks, sil plates, quarter panels, rich arrogant people

From: alumcan
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Date: January 12, 2003
Time: 04:16:47


OK, after getting over this idiotic sleep clinic, a white knuckled 11 round trip on three of Ohio's crosswinded interstates, with a crappy car dolly that had been totaled at one time, to bring back a cheaply priced vehicle to be able cannibalize a bunch of parts for maybe a future project, I quess I'm ready to respone to this fieasco. OK Lee, I was NOT, repeat, NOT condemning YOU or anyone else for wanting to try and 're-pop' much needed items for these vehicles! Let me say if you need help, let me be first in line! Since I can't help out in a $ value, maybe I can haul out the garbage, sweep up, or lick stamps. Some lowely jobs that no one else wants to do. At least I'd be helping out,,,,,. I DO NOT care if you make $5,000. on each piece, nor do I care if you make ANYTHING on each piece, or even offer rebates! That is up to you and your conscience! I KNOW that there is R & R costs, set up costs, probably more hidden costs than most will ever know about! What got me so conserned was the hypritcial, arrogant, rich type person 'red flags' you were sending out. Your first post about wanting to know how many people wanted gas tanks, without knowing a price, sent up all kinds of red flags! I know a person who lost his home (trailer) in the very same manner! Rich person #1, wanted people to verbly state how many certain items they wanted, just like you did with the tanks, and no mention of price was involved. Low income person #2 said that he'd take 'X' number amount. When it cam time to deliver, rich person #1 wanted much more than low income #2 could afford to pay. So low income #2 backed out. Rich person #1 got rich lawyer #3 to sue low income person #2 for verbaly breech of contract. Rich judge, told low income person #2 that since he wasn't being charged by the state or goverment, no court appointed lawyer could represent him. If he could't afford to hire an lawyer the judge would have no recourse but to side with rich person #1. Low income #2 got an lawyer, (rich lawyer #4) and the verbal breech of contract was dimissed. But since low income #2 couldn't afford, (coal mines were shut down) to pay rich lawyer # 4, rich lawyer #4 took low income's home. Did rich lawyer #4 have any hard feelings about sending some one out to sleep on the street! HELL NO! The S.O.B. laughed about it. Stating how he helped rich person #5's property value by getting rid of a unslightly house trailer! Then when you said ",,,what the hell differnce does it make,,,," to my what,when,why,where and how much question, I thought to my self, to hell with you, I don't need this bull shit! I then got just under 10 different E-mails wanting to know what I did to you to get such a 'snippy' awnser. I responded to each letter in basicly, Hell, I don't know! All I can think of that me, being 'low on the food chain' some how insulted Mr Roadkill because he's up there on the hill so to speak, and doesn't like 'lower' people,,,,hell I don't know you try and figure it out! ALL agreed with me. I was asked later by some if I had gotten a price for the tanks out of you. I stated that I wasn't goin to ^#$% around with a person like that. End of story. Then I noticed you didn't respond to "Forward Franks" posting wanting to know a price for the tanks. (I had forgotten about the quarter panels) So those actions by you, was broadcasting the immage of one of those rich type persons that has his nose jammed so high in the air that they have to have a light bulb screwed into their noses, so airplanes don't crash into their faces! When you came out with the news about the sil/scuff plates and again no price, 'I' asked some of those who had e-mailed me before, asking if any had gotten a price yet, or if any was going to try and get a price. If none wasn't going to 'back you into a corner' I would. I was getting tired of this bull shit. After you finally gave out prices, (see, that wasn't so hard was it?) only you had 'read' into my statement that I was against re-poping parts. Which I wasn't! So don't tell me to go get re-poped Chevy parts, or I'll tell you to go get a Subrau, install a "proud Batann Death March survivor" bumper sticker, go park it in front of some American Legion/VFW place and see what happens. Then you'll go tell me to do something that a proctoligest wouldn't recommend, then I'll say something, then you'll say something, and we'll wind up in the verbal volly ball match, untill "Fearless Leader" pulls the plug again. Mr Lee, maybe you don't see how arrogant you are/were, but several of us sure did! Your mention of the difficulty of 'welding tanks', I've welded, well, lets say,,,,, I wish I had a dollar for each tank I've 'brazed'. I remember brazing one tank while it was still in the car! One of those '60's (?) Ford Fairlanes. The one that the top of the gas tank was part of the trunk floor, that one. There is a simple trick to welding/soder/brazing gas tanks. The WORST, DO NOT PUT WATER in a tank. It won't work eleminating a fire/explosion! Then it'll rust the tank and screw up the fuel air mixture. A guy had one of those '73 up Chevy pickups that had the tank outside the frame and a plastic stone shild over (ALL of 'em rust there) the front part. A guy had two rusty tanks. I cut the two tanks in half weleded the two good halves together, 'wala' good tank. There are 1000's of vehicles in the junk yards that have tanks/straps that are close enough to the FwdLk cars that would work just fine. But in my old age, (I NEVER thought I'd hear my self saying this) it's getting very painfull for me just to try to lay down, hook up a simple chain, let alone waller around removing a gas tank, and get back up anymore. So the gas tank information would be VERY usefull, for me to 'give up' and get a complete replacement 'brand splinter new' tank, instead of trying every joint pain releif pill there is, just to go 'truck' around in a junk yard. It's not fun anymore. Yard owners won't let you just look any more. The only yard that you can wonder amilessy around lost is, the U-pullit yards. Anyway, but without a good idea of a price, no one can do Bob O's idea of hiding money from the wife up in the garage. The addage of, which would you rather have? A shinny new penny, or a crummy dirty old quarter? I'll take the penny. No one wants them. I'll ask my wife if she has any pennys she want to get rid of? "Hell YES! Here is a double hand full. Those pennys add up for my project. I even ask her if she has a couple of dollars. If she hands me a five, I refuse it. All I want is a couple of dollars. Samall amounts like that add up, and she has forgotten about it. I wish I had a dollar for every time I told my wife what a certain item cost,,,like you mentioned. I wish I had the price differnce! Your statement about the 'Marts running out the 'little/mom pop/business person IS very true! It happend here. But where are the lower income people going to go to shop? I know, THAT IS NOT the right awnser,,,,,,I just don't know what to say on that subject. Other than it's a shame! Adam your mention of moonshine. I've offered moonshine to so many people that if Jerry Ford somehow stumbled up to me and asked where is his 'shine? I'd have to make up some story, run and get him some, because I forgot. To those who don't know or care. I pay for the 'squeezins and shipping out of my pocket, just to be firendly, and to show the world I have axcess to the United States ONLY LEGAL moonshine distillary! Lee you asked if because of you owning a '57 Adventruer had something to do with the accusations? That must be your own conscience trying to clear itself. I DIDN'T mention one thing about any make of cars. Hells bells, I've been wanting a D-Convt since the 70's. I'm 'whittling' at it piece by piece,,,,so, car has nothing to do with it. It's your attitude, or lack of, I can't figure that part out. I can't remember now who mentioned about 'keeping on thinkng about the rich people is like getting your friend to bury you. I know, sorry, that I have the statement all wrong, but we get the idea. ONLY I CAN'T. Let me tell you about these rich assholes! First, for some unknown reason my wife and middle daughter are a foster animal home. People bring strays to us, and even strays find us. Let me out it this way. If there was one meal in front of my wife and middle daughter, they would starve, just so the animals/critters could eat. There have been some magnificent animals here. Then there have been some of the weirdest. This rich asshole person story involves the world's laziest dog. Those who got the 'red neck joke' 'house alarm'. The dog spralled out on the bottom step, paint him black, that's 'Corkey' That dog was so lazy, he wouldn't get up to shit! Just lay there and do it. One day it snowed, Corkey wasn't where all of the rest of the dogs had gotten. Walked up to his favortie place, under a pear tree, and here was a pile of snow. Suddenly one end of the snow started moving and out poped a tail. Couple years later, we found him frozen to death up there. Too lazy to get in out of the weather. I buried him under that pear tree, where he liked to lay all of the time. So you get the picture. VERY lazy dog. If someone came in, he's raise up a little bit, give out a 'woof' or maybe one bark, then 'fall' back down. Ok, up in the rich half million dollar minumim housing place that's above me, Rich person's kids are all off in private schools, he desides it time to clean house. I wish I could have seen what all he threw away. One item was one of those C something 80cc 4-stroke Honda mini bikes. The one with the knobby wheel barrow sized tires. Anyway, some of his neighbor kids wanted it and aksed what was wrong. Typical rich person's awnser, "the mufflers plugged up" So these kids, two girls one boy, around 7 or 8 years old, take the entire exhaust syetem off. Some one tells them they might get it started by pushing it. Centrifugal clutch, I hardly doubt it. Somehow they get it through the woods down onto the narrow dirt road I live on. It's all down hill form where they were to the far corner of my property. When they got between that pear tree and my wife's sister's house, that bike gave out a explosion, that scared 'sissy', she ran to the door just in time to see Corky sink his teeth into the one girls leg. Later, at the trial their rich lawyer said that the backfire was just a 'phfittt' and that we harbor violent animals, and should be locked up. Our neighbor who lived a quarter mile away was mowing his yard, he heard the explosion, shut his mower off, and didn't hear anything more, thinking it was me fooling around with some old junk vehicle. The kids description, was after the 'boom' that big black dog jumped stright up, was showing his teeth, came over an bit into the calf of the one girl, then walked back over to the tree fell over and died. Sissy, then told the other two kids to go tell the one girl's mom she wsas taking her to the University Hospital. Sissy then called my wife. My wife and the girl's mom got there at the same time. After the girl's mon found out about the mini bike and what they were doing 'down there', she paddled her dughter right there in the emergeny room. OK advice: Lots of money can be sved if any of you have several dogs. Here, if you get a kennel license, you don't have to pay tax on each animal. PLUS with a kennel license, the home owner's incurance will cover an 'animal attack 100%! After my wife explaining about the home owner's payment policy, ( she was going to refuse our offer to pay medical coverage, because it was the kids fault.) she agreed. I guess my wife and this rich woman had one of those woman jibber-jab sessions. The girl was released and they stayed there and talked for a couple of hours. Fine and dandy, everything was resolved. Well, so we thought. The rich woman's husband was over in Europe for a month. Why do rich people have to go to Europe, I don't know. Well he comes back, gets with one of his rich lawyer golfing buddys, (golf to me is something for the rich people to do to waste time) and desides to sue us for pain and suffering. SIX MONTHS AFTER THEY WERE DOWN HERE!!(There are no trepassing signs and both ends of the road I live on)There wasn't any suffering, because she was constantly playing with 'their' neighbor's dog. So sice they were going to sue for just exactly what out property and house was valued at, we had to go and pay some rich lawyer to end this fieascio that WASN'T OUR FAULT in the first place. So to pay our rich lawyer to keep HIM from taking out property, (he told us that is we didn't pay in a certain time he was taking our house for his fee.) The only money at that time that we had saved up was our 4 year old dughter's Christmas club account. So when our daughter asked why Santa Clause didn't bring what she had asked for, (the ONLY Christmas she got was what the two granparents gould spare. the only thing I told her was, that three F&^%'n rich assholes were greedy and wanted more! They are the ones who took your Christmas! In rich people's school that must be the first thing they teach. Screw the small person, you can take everything he owns, because he can't afford to pay to keep it! I'm sorry, but I WILL NOT let my guard down for one second against those bunch of rich arrogant sons a bitches. It has cost me money that I din't have to protect us for something that wasn't even our fault in the first place! I have NEVER seen a rich person admit to fault! They try and blame it on some one else! Sissy caught one of the rich people dumping his grass clipping in her field where she/we keep the horses. She goes up with the tractor and hay wagon loads all of his clippings, we then put as much in my pick up as possible, I then drive up back into his driveway and start throwing his clipping back onto his yard. The first thing out of his mouth when he came storming out of his house was, "I'm going to sue you!" I finish unloading. I did have to threaten him with the pitch fork. The sherriff met us at the bottom of the hill, and was going to arrest us. We gave him a copy of a video tape showing the rich guy dunping his clipping over the fence. The rich guy still tried to deny it. The sherrif's were coming out to my place on a mothly basis because the rich people up on the hill, 2,500 some feet away would call the sherrif's office complaining that I had more than three junk cars on my property. Finally they just quit coming out. The sheriffs can 'moonlit' in uniform as mall security. My wife and I will be at the mall, and I know several of them, one of them will always say, I got a call for one of your neighbors up on the hill. What did you do to them? Moon 'em? So, so far nothing has happend, yet. Sissy went and got a hog lot license. Yep, she told the rich people if they did one more thing, she was going to have a hog farm right there on the other side of the fence. Stinkey rooo! So that is the reason I get a little upset when I see the 'red flags' of a rich arrogant person. Ive been shit on too many times by asshole rich people! I try to ignore it, but only can for so long. You want MORE rich people asshole stories? This web site wouldn't hold them all! So now I've said my piece, Mr Lee, you can go do what your conscience tells you to do. Oh by the way, since these items you are representing are comming from Sweeden. I have heard form two realible sources, that the Sweeds are, or have allready started, re-poping the '57-'59 Convertible header bows, complete! Do you know anything about that. I was told, but this is ONLY a rumor now, that the complete convt. top frame is being made. Do you know anything about that? Or would you even tell me if you did know? Yer turn now.


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