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Re: Need Info on 361HP (high performance) engine?

From: Rodger
Remote Name:
Date: January 12, 2003
Time: 02:22:33


Mike, The 361 was used in Firedome (295 HP), Fireflite (305 HP)and Adventurer De Soto's in 1958. The top engine was rated at 345 HP. For the same year the Dodge D500 engine was a 320 HP 361. Chrysler and Plymouth did not use the engine in 1958. Later the 361 did show up with cross rams in Plymouth's. For Chrysler it became the base engine in New Ports. In 1959 the 383 became the big dog for De Soto and Plymouth got the 361 as their big dog. Chrysler got the 413 as their big dog. (The Imperial division only used 413's.) I hope this has given you a direction of who and how the enginge was used. Rodger


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