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Re: re-casting Steering Wheels on original wire cores

From: Lee
Remote Name:
Date: January 09, 2003
Time: 22:53:25


Hank is correct! the first thing i need is a pefect or darn close to it original wheel (color does not matter but deluxe and standard does) the process i use (silicone rubber molding) copies every detail of the original including every defect! it will even copy your fingerprints and faithfully reprouce them on every part that comes out of the mold. once the mold is made then wire cores will be needed to re-cast the new plastic on. the best material that i have found to give the pearlesent apperence of the originals is to use a clear casting resin that is then colored to meet the needs of the color combination to match the cars interior instead of a white resin that is colored. a hard tooling jig is used to hold the wire core in it's proper location within the mold and of course if the wire rim is bent when being removed from the column it needs to be straightened or replaced with a good core before being cast upon. the molding process does not effect the original part in any way as the silicone rubber acts as it's own release agent as the only thing it sticks to is itself. I just finished making 8 of the little steering wheels that are used on the Junior cars made by the powercar company tonight to fill orders here is an image of the little steering wheels I make for them and the ponies for mustang Juniors but the wheel fits Plymouth fury JR 1958-60, Mercury JR 1957-59, Thunderbird JR 1957-65 and mustang jr 1965-67 I used to own a 67 Mustang JR (could not find a Plymouth) and made molds to make the steering wheels, headlight lenses, taillight lenses, grille pony and corral and hubcaps in order to make parts that I needed for my own car but now I still make those parts for other Junior car owners and use the proceeds to make more molds.


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