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Viruses can steal names from address books

From: Daven Anderson
Remote Name:
Date: January 09, 2003
Time: 13:51:59


Some viruses in the last few years steal names from e-mail address books, theft of the name is automated (but the blame IS on the virus writer!). I had some viruses arrive in the e-mail headed "" also. This is where you should look at dates and attachment sizes, such as Jul 30 and 157 KB (that was a Klezworm variant, and it came in repeatedly, headed as "". DEFINITELY do NOT open anything that's "alumcan300dhd" from any other domain, (that SOB virus writer was too lazy to steal the whole addresses!), but be aware that a virus can steal the whole name and since Alumcan has had a computer virus or two, his name is among those stolen by these viruses. Einstein's recipe to stay virus-free: 1. Earthlink ISP (HTML e-mail disabled by default) 2. Mozilla browser and the big one: 3. Outlook Express not installed! (if you want to write e-mail offline, write it in a text document, then paste it into your e-mail when you're online) I've never used client e-mail, and if you can't live without it, I would suggest Eudora or some other alternative to Outlook.


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