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Re: alumcan300dhd@????.com VIRUS !!!!!!

From: erik aase
Remote Name:
Date: January 09, 2003
Time: 05:14:50


I don`t know what kind of sleep study would involve putting a practical minded fellow such as yourself into deep REM mode. I just hope they didn`t pull an xfiles on you (anal probe or genetic engineering)! Maybe they were after your vast sum of mopar knowledge which they will now put on cd-rom (with 1-800 support) and market at walmart as Mopar Restorartions Done Inexpensively.As for the virus thing I currently am battling the klez worm computer virus and common cold all at the same time. So relax typhoid mary you`re not the only one. By the way the above is all in good fun and no ill will intended( I don`t want to get on your virus laden hate mail circuit)! Good wishes on a speedy recovery for your computer and many happy sleeps.


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