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Poly 318 Modification Questions

From: Kenny J.
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Date: January 09, 2003
Time: 02:45:54


Okay, so I have a four barrel set up, will to go to dual 2 1/4" exhaust & "turbo mufflers", plan on having a custom cam ground by Chris, am going to a full flow oil filter and electronic ignition. But what about compression ratio? Do I need to go to 10 to 1 or will a modern grind on the cam compensate for running on 9 to 1 compression? The car will retain the stock manual transmission and 3.54 gears in the differential. I am interested in good throttle response both in traffic and at freeway speeds, but nothing radical. I suppose I can't expect torque and horsepower ratings to be much more than the gross ratings listed for a stock 1959 four barrel 318, but it would be kind of neat to get one horsepower per cubic inch or better yet, a bit higher than stock torque rating to help get the big beast rolling. Anything I can have done to the heads to improve output? So far, Hank, Daven and several others have corresponded with me and offered the suggestions I am implementing. But now that I'm ready to pull the engine and tear it down for the trip to the machine shop, I need to finalize my plans. Comments or suggestions? Thanks in advance.


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