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A 61 Chysler is being junked

From: Eugene Sullivan
Remote Name:
Date: January 08, 2003
Time: 21:49:06


There is a 61 Chysler at (Cars For Causes),for a California car,it is as rusty as anything I've seen.Even the tail lights are cracked and faded.Trans is gone(left in leaky trunk,open and upside down)but it has trans shifter, gauges,361 engine, and a subframe I need.It will never run again,but they want 900 dollars for it.I'll wait until it goes to the junkyard.Anybody that needs anything,I will pull for them.I'll let people know when it's ready unless I can talk him down and get it early.You will have to pay for the part and shipping.I'll pull it for free.Can't stand anything going to the crusher. Gene


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