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Re: reproduction parts projects

From: Lou
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Date: January 08, 2003
Time: 14:22:45


Lee,don't stop posting here.This web site is all about sharing amongst friends and enthusiasts.I feel that alot of folks keep remembering prices for parts from their youth and just can't understand why these same items aren't so-called affordable today.Hey,I paid$175 bucks for a model kit that went for $1.50 new!!! Our cars aren't the throw away vehicles they were 30 years ago.Once popularity rises,prices go up accordingly on all aspects of owning a F/L car.I'm thankful that some people take the time and effort to reproduce bits for these cars which helps the rest of us out,too.If someone objects to the cost of parts,they should dip into their creativity and not give up.That is how cottage industries start.


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