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You can learn even when barfing your brains out.

From: erik aase
Remote Name:
Date: December 31, 2002
Time: 10:07:22


Here's some food for thought for your next prayer session at the porcelain altar; (1) take a long hard look at the water when it swirls down the bowl-why-because in the northern hemisphere it goes clockwise while in the southern hemisphere it goes counterclockwise (coreallis effect) (2) that stuff you see in the water is your previous meal half digested-the human body is an amazingly efficient energy converter.(3)since you're going to be their awhile why don't you do something constructive like plan out that rear disk brake conversion for your 60 plymouth fury-since there are no other distractions you will find your mind relatively clear and sharply focussed on the task at hand. (4) If you're going to babble try to make realistic rewarding statements that build self esteem-"I really showed everybody what a man I am" instead of the usual "I'll never drink again". Finally remember that you will survive and live another day and that alcohol doesn't make you more charming rather it "enhances" your self self-confidence so that you can be all that you can be!


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