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A Post of Perspective...

From: Steven Dean
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Date: November 09, 2002


In this day and age of "worth" and e-bay", where is the "hobby"? For me a hobby was my Dad investing a 100 hours and 24.00 in balsa wood for a scratch built pretty killer model schooner. Or 250 bucks total for a RC airplane. Did old Plymouths go the route of Harley Davidsons...yes..they did... Meaning ...the hobby was taken away from the people who started it...the guys who rode Harley's, or drove old Mopars...because they were cool, despite the fact that they were essentially worthless...What does the word "worth" mean anyway. Would you trade your child's life for a 100 point Hemi 'cuda...???The immediate reaction is, of course not... but are we sure... I see many 100 point cars out there...obessesions, what have you, that have seemed much more important than the lives that surround them. Perspective has changed..It used to be someone would look over at a biker and think..."just don't look at him" they think "Wow...nice bike...must've cost him 25 grand at least". It's the same way with cars. I liked the fact that I was the only guy with enough balls to drive an old primered Mopar. Now ANY Mopar, or it Parts, are "worth" their weight in gold. Why,? because general investors with alot of money and not enough "cents" started trading them back in the late '80s. Then they realized cars on the market take too long to move and change hands so that left the true enthusiast with cars they can't afford...and subsequent junk becoming valuable. IE: the anything old is worth something to someone mentality. Remember Ferris Bueller and the Ferrari? There was a teenage-angst message there. The message is, please enjoy your cars , the way they are, and keep it a hobby. Obesessions have already been done. Spend more time with your lives. BTW: I am writing this more to myself than anyone else. I try to remind myself that an old car should be fun, not the equivalent of a small mortgage payment. These are the "future" good times of tomorrow, so enjoy them. Sincerely, Steve Dean


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