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Re: Can you put a hemi on a low cost diet?

From: erik aase
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Date: November 08, 2002


Thanks for the info Hank. It's better to find out these things early in the game, forewarned is forearmed! I'm coming to the following realizations after many months spent absorbing info from knowledgable guys like you. That the easiest route for me to in restoring my 56 2dr fireflite sportsman (1)As far as drivetrain it would be more cost effective and easier to rebuild my 55 chrysler 331 hemi(4bbl) and put it in my Desoto. (2) Be realistic about how much time and money any given project will require (take off the rose colored glasses). (3)Make yourself happy first- if disc brakes, neon color scheme and leopard print interior turn your crank, go for it! (don't expect much for resale on Ebay)


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