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Re: Can you put a hemi on a low cost diet?

From: Hank Dozier
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Date: November 08, 2002


Erik...I do not want to be the bearer of *bad* news, but that aftermarket 4bbl is gonna be expensive, since VERY few high-deck DeSoto aftermarket intakes were ever made. Your best action here might be to do what the 392 crowd does when they use "triple nickel" 55 331 heads on a 92, and make port extenders to use a low-deck (276/291) DeSoto intake or adapt out to a high-deck Dodge 315/325 manifold (same width, different bolt pattern) Regarding the rest of the diet, best plan is the alloy DeSoto timing cover/water pump adaptor that allows usage of a SBC water pump (also available in aluminum). This will remove around 65 pounds from your engine. This can be done without doing that manifold change. Also an AFB or Edlebrock carb, in addition to flowing more air than a WCFB, is lighter as well. Alternator will be more efficient and lighter than the generator, and if you need Power Steering, find a GM Cavalier unit with a remote reservoir, which is lighter. Sanderson style block-hugger headers also weigh less than the iron exhaust manifolds you have now.


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