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Re: Letter decode

From: Hank Dozier
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Date: November 06, 2002


Rich...It would be an easy guess to say they were stamping the "R" to indicated raised-block engine to differentiate between the two in the engine plants since this was the first year that Chryslers got wedges, and the low-block was already in production for a year in Desotos, Dodges and Plymouths. But this may not be the case. I need to research this a little more before giving out a definitive answer (if there is one) on how Chrysler developed engine codes in this time period, which was very transitional (trying to resolve the code differences between US, Canada, and the export or "KDX" markets). It does sound though like you have the original engine in your vehicle, though. And high-deck 383s are almost as rare as those low-deck 350s everybody complains about. You will have some issues if you ever need an overbore piston, just like the 350 guys. Do be put off, though. The parts ARE more available than 350 engines, you just gotta find a GOOD parts guy at an auto parts store who is willing to work with you. I personally am tired of explaining to the 20 year old counter guy that there is little in common between a 340 and a 341 engine.


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