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Re: Comments about this car

From: Kenny J.
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Date: November 06, 2002


We had a guy in our "Brand C" club take a '61 Impala ragtop and restore it with a Bel Air trunk lid and side trim. He finished the interior in Bel Air style as well. He loved taking the car to shows and listening to liars and know-it-alls point it out as "one of only" this or that number of Bel Air convertibles built that year (all '61 Chevy convertibles were actually Impalas.) My neighbor' cousin in St. George, Utah made a '59 Plymouth two door wagon into an El Camino style pick up. He did such a good job with his "one of none" that he fooled all sorts of so-called experts. Maybe I should redo my '59 Suburban two door as a sedan delivery and see who I can fool. :-) But boy, oh, boy, that '60 "Desoto" would sure be fun to have!


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