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Re: Letter decode

From: Rich
Remote Name:
Date: November 05, 2002


Hank, I purchased the car in 91 from a guy in Rosemont, Ill., (northern ILL.) The guy said he was selling it for a friend that lived in Wisconsin who had no luck selling it there. From what he said the car supposedly sat in a barn for 15+ years. I beleive that since the floor pans were rusted thru and the seat was on the frame. The title I have is from Wisconsin, and says the car was junked and refurbished but gives no details. If you have the '59 handbook page 35 shows that the Windsor and Saratoga are preceded with MR-383 and the New Yorker and 300E with MR-413. That is the only history I have on the car. Thanks for the help, if you find out what the R means please let me know, Rich.


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