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Letter decode

From: Hank Dozier
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Date: November 05, 2002


Actually, the first letter is the year letter. They started in 1957 with Dodge/DeSoto (that KD-500 for Dodge, and KDS325 for the DeSoto Firesweep poly and Dodge Royal base engines). That made the next year (1958) an "L" (as in L2, L3, L325 for Dodges), and then 1959 was the "M" letter prefix year. Hence your "MR" designation. My old Chilton's shows Chryslers having "MC" prefixes that year, and Imperial having "MY" designators. They indicate "MC2" as a Saratoga (4bbl 383, aince MC! was base Windsor 2bbl?) I need to research the "R" letter a little more. I do not doubt it, but what it means is unclear right now. Where was the car originally sold?


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