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B vs RB Specifications - Be VERY careful here!

From: Hank Dozier
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Date: November 03, 2002


Be VERY careful here. There were TWO 383s in 1959 and 1960. Low-deck "B" used in DeSoto and Dodge/Plymouth, and the 383 hi-deck used in the low-line Chryslers (Windsor and Saratoga). There is not a lot that exchanges between the two! Try and read your ID on the machined pad by the distributor. If its a hi-deck (stock Chrysler offering for Saratogas in 1959) it will start with an "MC-2". Saratogas generally were up-trimed Windsors with a 4bbl engine. A Windsor would have an "MC-1" ID, New Yorkers (413 engine) would have a "MC-3" and the Imperial (also 413) would have an "MY-1" ID. The low-deck 383s would have an "M" first ID letter followed either directly by a number or letter "D" (Dodge/DeSoto) or by the letter "P" plus a number (Plymouth). The 1959/60 383 hi-deck was a two year unique odd-ball (like the 1958 low-deck 350), and a lot of people do not realize it even existed! It definitely can get you into trouble!


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