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Re: I need advice on my Plymouth's radio/remote control

From: ForwardLook Frank
Remote Name:
Date: November 02, 2002


Hello John, Actually you don't need to keep the door open on your glovebox. I'm taking it that you have an infared remote. If so, go to a car stereo place and ask for an infared repeater. It will consist of two pieces. The first will go right inside the glove box aimed at the radios infared sensor, the other will be mounted on your dash at a level that you aim your remote. You will have to wire it to a +12V source but if you installed the radio sucessfully, that job will be a piece of cake. Also, Dick, if you're reading this thanks for the referral. I will be starting the modification process on your radio tonight. I'll let you know how it goes. My days that I work have been changed this week but I should be able to finish this week and send it out to you Tuesday the 12th if not sooner. Also Neil, what is your radio doing or not doing? Let me know. Talk with you all later. Take Care-Frank


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