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Re: I got a crazy Idea !!

From: james
Remote Name:
Date: November 01, 2002


ok how about this!! It should not be to hard to just use the chevy frame, and rearend, but use a mother mopar beast of somesort that I might be able to dig out of the field!! Of course this will mean floor shift automatic anyway I might go!! But I do want to use the camaro rolling chassie. for the brake and part avalabilty. I have a duster sitting in the backlot that had a bad ass engine in it!! Was actually run on the strip might be a 440, I kinda think it is but not sure. The car is wrecked really bad and someone died in this car that is why I havent messed with it. I looked in one time and lost my lunch, one of those kind. So I might mustard up enough power to go look at it again and see if I can do anything with it, but I would say the engine is all busted up. He hit a semi headon at like 130, so my guess it is not savable, maybe a few parts. Will keep you guys posted on my decision.


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