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Possible reproduction parts projects

From: Lee Exline
Remote Name:
Date: October 31, 2002


many of you have been folllowing the reproduction quarters project that has made replacement Quarters for 1957-59 Chrysler and Desoto's click on this link to see the finished pieces the question I would like to ask now is there enough interest to make a production run of 1957-59 gas tanks? the 23 gallon tank was standard on the Desoto and Chrysler models (except wagons) and optional on the Plymouth and Dodge (except wagons) the 20 gallon was the standard for them. in order to even consider the project there would need to be a minumum of 100 pieces sold prior to starting or someone to bank roll the project with payback recieved form sales. I have seen many posts looking for tanks and many of them have rotted from moisture that has settled in the tank and rotted them from the bottom. speak now if you are interested! the process used to make the quarters allows for low production parts runs with cost effective tooling otherwise this project would not have been possible this same process would be used to make the tanks.


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