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Re: Do they also have Quarters for a 59 Dodge?

From: Lee Exline
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Date: October 31, 2002


nope sorry they do not have quarters for your Dodge. As the reproduction parts coordinator for the National Desoto Club i try to keep track of reproduction projects that are relevant to Desoto's plus it does not hurt that I am restoring a 1957 Desoto Adventurer ragtop that could use some quarters. this project was possible because the application was varied enough that sales should make this profitable. the quarters fit 57-59 Chrysler and Desoto even though they are for 2 door models the rear section can be used on 4 door models also. the project was coordinated with the Chrysler 300 club and Chrysler Corporation to make this happen. since plymouth and dodge quarters do not interchange that would limit the possibility of quarters being made for them. the process used to make the quarters allows for low production parts runs with cost effective tooling otherwise this project would not have been possible. with this tooling process other projects are possible but they need have approximatly a minimum 100 piece run to even consider any project and the finished parts would not be cheap but much more reasonable than NOS or making repairs from scratch.


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