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Re: Stephen King's new 'car' novel

From: Adam Green
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Date: October 31, 2002


I can't say that I agree. There's always a disclaimer in films saying "The characters portrayed bear no resemblance to persons living or dead blah blah". I think that some authors and filmakers are too lazy to either research properly or worry about correctness/continuity. I still say it's sloppy work. If you write about or film a specific subject then obviously, that film or book will attract the nerds who will notice the irregularities. Your right in that 99% of people don't notice but some do. It doesn't bother me that a Camaro instead of a Challenger got crashed in Vanishing Point, just that they could have made an effort to find a ratty one for the sake of continuity. Back to the Stephen King book, I'll bet anything he did not contact a Buick Owners Club to check technical details before writing. OK, that's my 10c worth.


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