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Re: Stephen King's new 'car' novel

From: alumcan
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Date: October 31, 2002


Adam, your research comment about King, has me puzzled. Something must be worng, or we (Christine FwdLkrs) don't have all of the facts yet. Stephen King's vehiucular hobbies, are old Harley-Davidsons (first of the 'V-Twins', 1920's, and 'Faltheads' of the '30's) and '59 Cadillacs. It was never said, or I missed it, just how big is King involved with the '59 Caddys, but surely he should know a little more about Buicks than Plymouths? My 8 year old told me (tattle-tale) that when I turned and walked out of Wladen's, my wife seceretly went and bought the "Buick 8" book as a 'surprise' for me.


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