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Re: Stephen King's new 'car' novel

From: Adam Green
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Date: October 31, 2002


I haven't read the novel yet but probably will. One thing though, It has always mildly p*ssed me off when people don't research their subject properly. I mean, come on, how hard would it be for old Kingy to find out about Buicks or whatever especially with the internet around. I guess the authors and filmakers are in the 99.9% of the population who don't know or care about the little details. Sure, we all know that a 58 Fury didn't come with 4 doors but it probably doesn't spoil other peoples enjoyment, just ours. Is there any point in getting wound up over these things? No, not really because it gives us a chance to feel superior and bitch on the discussion boards. I think(?) my point is that sloppy work (i.e. subject research in this case) annoys me because I don't do it at work. Did anyone understand that? I think I did.


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