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'57 Plymouth Hard Top fer sale

From: alumcan
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Date: October 30, 2002


OK kiddies. Those of you that have been advertising over in the 'wanted' section for a '57-'58 Ply 2-door HT to make a Fury, Christine, or whatever. I found one cheap!? Ad is as follows; (word for word) '57 Plymouth Belvedere, 2dr, h/t, push button 3spd, a/t, less eng & trans, some rust in rockers qtrs, floors, trunk. $1,500. E-mail: or call 615-384-8903...............Springfield, TN In the picture it doesn't look to bad ?? No wing guards or Sport Tone trim. Just the single side spear. Has the 'V' on the front fender. Good luck


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