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Re: WHY?!!! HA! Pot calling the kettle black! Mud slinging!

From: alumcan
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Date: October 30, 2002


Now if this isn't the 'Pot calling the kettle black' I don't know what is!! It's gonna start all over again! Watch out! Last year sometime I found pictures of a '60 Plymouth Hearse (rare)about to be demoed! I made the comment about turning the dude upside down and pouring battery acid up his nuts. Geeze! Holy Hell broke loose! And I wound up catching over half of it! Federal Goverment, wife, and some dude with a 'weird' name! "Fearless Leader" had to shut down the discussion forum for a while, untill the obnoxious ones got throwed off the site, and things cooled down. WHEW! What a 'can of worms' THAT was! I'm goin' to the bomb shelter. That is if I can remember where I buied the entrance door,,,,,


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